TiffanyScreens is a presentation tool, capturing the content of the presenter's screen and sending it to multiple other computer screens at the same time. Any computer can seamlessly become the presenting computer, no matter if connected wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable.
The self-contained solution does neither require nor use a server. It automatically detects all computers on a local network, running the software and those computers can watch the presentation projected onto their screens. Best of all, with a single button click, any computer can switch from watching into presenting mode.

TiffanyScreens Presentation Sharing for Peer Groups

TiffanyScreens allows you to share presentations (or any screen content) with your peer group, without requiring a projector.
Imagine a scenario, where every participant brought a Laptop to a meeting and watched the presentation on that Laptop's display - participants would probably sit on a table facing each other, instead of the wall.
No adjustments are necessary; images are scaled automatically on arrival, to best match the receiver's display-capability. To support lively meetings, everyone participating can with a single button click, turn his computer into the presenting device.

Technical Requirements

Truly cross platform, TiffanyScreens runs and shares any screen content on:
  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux Desktop